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After London in 2022, the European edition of Shoptalk 2023 was held from 9 to 11 May in Barcelona! More than 3,000 decision-makers representing 55 countries were expected for three days dedicated to the concerns of the retail world, with nevertheless a strong Anglo-Saxon presence (about 60% of participants). As on all the fairs at the beginning of the year, a word was on everyone’s lips: generative intelligence! Or at least automative AI. Retailers see this technology as an effective way to increase their operational efficiency. It offers opportunities to make the online shopping journey more fun, faster, relevant and personal. Generative intelligence is therefore part of the short-term roadmap without any examples or applications of use being really presented at the moment. It nevertheless brings to the fore two somewhat forgotten technologies: the chatbot that could benefit from this AI to engage the consumer in a real conversation that could be piloted by voice.

Debrief 1 : Gen Z, star of the show

Zoom on the Gen Z (1997-2010) for the first day of the show. Gen Z is now the largest generational cohort of the world’s population. It thus attracts the attention of distributors and brands. Above all, this native digital generation has a common characteristic: it is permanently immersed in subjective content. As a result, transparency and trust will now be at the heart of companies’ strategies to prove their authenticity.

Debrief 2: Sustainability at the heart of concerns

Conscious of the fact that consumers do not yet have sustainability as a primary concern in their consumption, including at Gen Z, brands and retailers have begun to transform to set an example for consumers. IKEA in Sweden has launched «Circuit», a shopping center organized for visitors to learn how to repair, reuse, rent, recycle or even exchange all kinds of products while the German startup Organic Garden presented its 100% circular vertical farm that now feeds 30,000 people.

Debrief 3 : Startups challenge !

10 startups pitched their innovation on the show. Classified in three main categories, new business models, new ways of engaging the consumer and supply chain, the startup Hyran Technologies (link here:, present in the last category, won the professional jury. Founded in 2022, this English startup has developed an AI-based platform to improve supply chain management in the fashion industry. As for the public favourite prize, it belongs to the startup

Shoptalk is also the heart throbs of the Exchanger! Discover our 4 interviews.

Startup 1: TRIGO| The removal of waiting at the checkout

Trigo is an Israeli startup setting up computer vision technologies for a streamlined in-store payment experience

Startup 2: PI-XCELS | The end of the printing of the receipt

PI-XCELS is a Singaporean startup that allows consumers to pay for purchases and receive their dematerialized receipt on their smartphone in one go by simply affixing it to the merchant’s NFC payment terminal.

Startup 3: TANGIBLE | For easy choice assistance

TANGIBLEE is an American startup. It exploits the use of augmented reality for virtual fittings. Applied to the jewelry sector, it offers customers a virtual fitting of jewelry (rings, earrings, watches …) of unsuspected quality.

Startup 4: CLAID. AI | To create realistic scenes at will

CLAID. AI is an American startup that harnesses generative intelligence technology to transform brand product photos into photoshoots for websites, marketing, social media and advertising in minutes.

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