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Head to Austin for the SXSW


Our technology and innovation expert Nicolas Diacono, is flying to Austin, Texas. He will be our eyes and ears on SXSW (South by SouthWest). As usual, we will not miss a crumb of this unique show, thanks to the daily debriefs of our expert!

Teaser – 2023 Edition

Debrief 1

Nicolas Diacono is well arrived in America and is ready to attend SXSW – South by Southwest. He gives us his feelings on this first weekend, mainly focused on generative AI, metaverse but also some new topics like: foodtech and Climate Change!

Debrief 2

Here it is! In this second debrief Nicolas Diacono, live from Austin, get back to us with what happened at SXSW these past few days. Globally, a focus on Web3 and metaverse. A Copenhagen Institute conference about near future of the metaverse and its role to not to repeat the biases of our society in these virtual worlds, through the avatars and also a Brazilian company, Unico, that works on the decentralization of the digital identity. See you soon for another SXSW debrief!

Debrief 3

For this third debrief, a focus on mobility with Indigo, a company that develops a wheel intelligent system that permits to reduce the weight of the vehicule and then, reduce the carbon emission of it. Also, is the future of retail in our (connected) cars? Let’s see…

Debrief 4

It is already the last debrief from this SXSW edition and what we need to remember? AI and generative AI. If Web3, NFT and metaverse were the absolute stars last year, AI completely stole their place during this edition! See you soon!

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