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Commerce Reloaded 2023


The now famous conference, Commerce Reloaded is back for its 12th edition!

Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono, after completing their overview of the most emblematic innovation fairs on the planet, will give you an in depth analysis of the technological trends that will shape tomorrow’s trade.


On the menu of this edition
on the theme of : WHO WILL BUILD THE FUTURE?


Build or get disrupted : The future of the Internet seems to be destined for blockchain technologies. Technologies that promise the deployment of a new generation of tools for customer relationship management. The world of Web3 is also creating the brands of tomorrow. Trademarks with a Community power that is beyond measure and is beginning to interfere in traditional retail.

AutoReloadeD : Over the next three years, the number of connected cars worldwide is expected to reach more than 352 million and the total volume of on-board payments is expected to reach about $86 billion by 2025. This last figure should explode when the vehicles are autonomous and immersive with augmented reality that will simplify access to the ambient servicial offer!

From ambient to omniverse retail : Commerce continues to evolve and merge with the digital world. Consumers’ homes are becoming a hub for monitoring consumer well-being. This continuous monitoring of consumers’ physiological data allows them to adapt and customize their food consumption. The arrival of new channels like the metavers suggests the foundations of an omniverse trade.

The future of Generative AI for Commerce: who will lead our reality : €6.5 billion investment in 2022. The retail world, like all sectors, invests heavily in artificial intelligence to optimize different processes such as logistics, collection, merchandising, customer experience, etc. It could be that new forms of AI,creative or generative and without coding take over. With them, more inspiration, more creativity and more responsiveness … but at what cost?


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