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Commerce Reloaded 2022 – NEW GAMEPLAY


The health crisis has accelerated the structural digital Mutation(S) of our society. Today, new rules are needed, announcing the beginnings of a multiverse world!

NFTs, 15-Minute City, Superfast Retail, Metaverse, Health at Home, Smart Mobility, Tech for Good… Here are the keys to this new world, its NEW GAMEPLAY!

Between futurologies, fantasies and realities, what will this world look like tomorrow? A decentralized model in which cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse will reign? Like South Korea, new players are setting out to conquer this new world! The democratization of teleworking is permanently changing the rules of retail and restructuring our cities. Thus, from health to mobility, all sectors are seeing the disruption intensify!

Our experts as well as our guests will give you the instructions for this NEW GAMEPLAY in order to bring you in this emerging world.

At program for this Commerce Reloaded 2022 edition

For this eleventh edition of Commerce Reloaded, get started with the Echangeur in this New Gameplay!

LEVEL 1: 15 min Life

In 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. Covid-19 will be considered the event that will have the most impact on the real estate market in the world. Teleworking is redefining consumption areas. For a long time, the choice of living place was primarily conditioned by the workplace and day-to-day services (school for children, general practitioner , Hobbies…). Personal life aspirations take over.

The demand, and the promise of the
15-minute city, therefore become to find an answer to all our daily needs less than 15 minutes from home!

LEVEL 2: Welcome
Crypto Generation

For more than 10 years, cryptocurrencies and virtual worlds have been fantasizing tech-savvy consumers. Today these technological ecosystems are shaping the foundations of commerce in 2030. Commerce based on virtual worlds, a digital identity decentralized and a new generation of high consumers in the world of gaming. The crypto generation, dominated by GenZ, will create a new sales channel through the metaverse.

Brands and retailers are now taking over the beginnings of this new commerce, as happened with e-commerce in 1998.

LEVEL 3: Let’s Play Retail

After health changes, commerce is changing to become experiential and immersive.

A business that must entertain and enhance consumers.
Some stores and shopping centers are changing, moving from transactional places to places of entertainment.
Some stores are even becoming mini urban amusement parks. But what future for local shops?

What are the tools to retain consumers of the crypto generation?

LEVEL 4: Auto-Reverse

If before, the automotive world was simple, very pyramidal with at the top a client manufacturer working with suppliers. Today, with the connectivity revolution – C-V2X or “Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything” -, the autonomous car and mobility-related services, the walls are breaking down and it is impossible for a constructor to master everything.

Electrification and accelerated softwarization bring their cohorts of new players and add even more uncertainty to this sector.

LEVEL 5: Korea Player One

Announced in 2021, the Korea Digital New Deal 2.0 advocated by the government aims tomake South Korea the major place of innovationon the world chessboard.

Korea is recognized on the international scene thanks to the success of its large family conglomerates, the chaebols, like Samsung, Hyundai, SK Hynix or LG. However, in recent years, digital and service platforms have been successfully developed. The best known: Coupang, Naver and Kakao!

LEVEL 6: New Horizon

Between global warming, increase in life expectancy, in the world population and geopolitical issues, human pressure on the resources of our planet has never been so strong. Politicians juggle between climate and economic issues. It therefore appears that only science can offer a way out from above to the challenges that humanity must face. A science which, through disruptive technologies, offers new alternatives whether in terms of energy, food or medicine. What if our salvation came from Deep Techs?


Our experts will help Club members discover the future of trade… All registration information and links to attend the 2022 Commerce Reloaded are available on our Club Echangeur platform.

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