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Echangeur by your side during your holidays !

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Echangeur wishes you beautiful and sunny summer vacations !

Are you still looking for the perfect books to read on the beach ?

Look no further… to occupy your time in august, the team prepared for you a special Best Of which gathers our most read decodings over the last 6 months.
First of all, let’s start in China where you can now organise a 3 days drive test of a new car simply by taking a picture of it in the street, and then by going directly to the Tmall Auto Vending Machine to start driving it !


Back to France to review the highlights of Viva Technology 2018 and discover the debriefings of our experts who analysed the latest international innovations observed at the fair.


Let’s then hit the road to go shopping with Matthieu and enter into the Nespresso Univers thanks to their Avatar tool which removes one of most the pain points of commerce : the waiting line in stores


Finally, let’s finish on a high note with our innovative startup, Merito which brings a real breath of fresh air to the recruiter thanks to its instant recruitment platform for stores.


Again, the team wishes you very nice holidays and looks forward to seeing you in september for more innovative decodings and experiences and also for the 6th édition of Innovez Service Centric 2018 which will be held on 8 november 2018

Enjoy !

Digital Communication Manager
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