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Conference Innovate Service Centric 2020

Matthieu JOLLY
5 minutes

More than ever, the advent of Ambient Commerce is near!

Presented at the last Commerce Reloaded conference, Ambiant Trade is at the heart of this 7th edition #ISC20ECH.

What is our objective? Synthesize the trends observed this year, make available our analysis grids to accompany you on the path of innovation.

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A true alpha and omega of Ambient Trade, the Consumer imposes more than ever his rules

Announced by Echangeur, Ambient Trade emerges, favored by the ever more massive and precise use of data generated by a new industrial revolution, that of artificial intelligence. He rebates the cards between economic actors and makes, little by little, disappear the historical borders of Commerce. At the time of the global pandemic of Covid-19, the Stay At Home economy has for example appeared as if by enchanting ringarding the now old unicorns.

Lockout, sanitary measures and new working habits, consumption adapts. The post-war generations are digitalizing while at the same time the trade is relocating.

A true alpha and omega of Ambient Trade, the Consumer imposes more than ever his rules and obliges brands and retailers to rethink to stay in line with his constraints and aspirations.

Top 7 trends identified by Echangeur to meet the aspirations of the Consumer!

Faced with the indispensable operational excellence and the increased search for relational differentiation, Echangeur wished to step back and take stock of a year of innovation.

Seven axes appeared to the experts. Each one illustrates one or more of the retailer’s responses to the challenges imposed by this new consumer.


reason and emotion



The district as a new geography

Commerce invites itself as close as possible to the consumer by reinvesting the neighborhoods! This makes it possible to share square meters and costs, but also, to get mobile.

The key word: proximity.




The immediacy is necessary, the waiting disappears

The challenge is not to make your customer wait, so you can see the payment from any device, in any place. The brands are transformed into “warehouses” and delivery services are reinventing themselves.




Mani Saravana Mani

Global Head of Innovation and Accelerator

@Kmart Australia




Low cost


Resisting the temptation of Low Cost

Many brands develop differentiated services, enter the second-hand market or prefer payment-per-use.




Omni flux


The challenge of omni-flow

A major challenge in trying to get closer to its customers, we are referring here to the creation of new user experiences more desirable, or the fact of finding new points of relationship with its target.






Renaud Montin

Head of Marketing, Digital, Innovation, Data





Pop-up store


The store sparkles and pop!

We reshape the store, we break the boundaries: the relationship is what becomes the most important!







The evidence of the salesman ambassador

What better way to embody a brand than an ambassador who talks about it? An ingenious way to get out of the store, bring people back and animate a community.






Clara Even Lemarié

Head of Digital and e-commerce







No return commitment

The company to continue and seduce must engage: ecology, solidarity cause… The important thing in this approach is to remain consistent with oneself!




Put together, these tracks show that a new Ambient Trade is underway. They help to understand one of its essential characteristics.

From now on, trade does not stop at the single transaction!

The consumer demands more and the relationship goes beyond the purchase or the after-sales service. Commitment, values are strong markers of loyalty. Thus, losing money in the short term can be a lasting investment.

Consequence: new Trade, new KPIs!

Why keep short-term indicators such as turnover per square metre or per click?

How to propose an evaluation criterion corresponding to the new reality of the consumer?

What if the KPI of Ambient Trade was simply the turnover to the customer?

It remains for the brands to act, to commit to this new trade.


C'est qui le patron


For the past four years, that’s what “C’EST QUI LE PATRON ?!” did.

Nicolas Chabanne, the Founder, was one of the guests for this edition of ISC 2020:


The brand perfectly embodies this new business. Part of nothing, it has established itself in the landscape always tracing its path. Evidence that trade continues and will continue to evolve under the influence of the consumer.Because it is he who with the ballot of his credit card builds the Ambient Trade of tomorrow.

Echangeur’s Handbooks

For this new edition of Innovate Service Centric, Echangeur makes available to members of the Club not one but four Handbooks. Built from the data of the Access Panel Belgium, Spain, France and Portugal, they allow to identify its Strategic Targets but also to understand their Consumption Drivers.



Two tools that allow us to analyze the current offer of services while positioning the innovations of tomorrow in the Reason & Emotion grid:


So feel free to get started

Innovate Service Centric.

Your first step: join Echangeur Club.

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On top of that… a network of startups to innovate!

Echangeur is also opening the doors of its international network of partner startups at BNP Paribas as well as the member brands of the Club Echangeur.

Each 20-minute appointment is a time to gain a better understanding of a technology and seek solutions to a short- or medium-term customer issue.

Thanks to the 32 startups who played the game!




Matthieu_Jolly Matthieu Jolly

Services and Innovation Manager

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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