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Release of the Report “French people and their cards, a relationship that lasts”

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At the Press Conference on December 8th, 2016, Laurent David, Managing Director of BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Cécile Gauffriau, director at Echangeur presented the results of the study on “French people and their cards, a relationship that lasts“. This study is based on the Echangeur Access Panel analyses.

This event took place within the Showroom of Echangeur at the headquarters of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, located 143, rue Anatole France à Levallois-Perret with the interventions of :

  • Barbara Blanc, Sales Director Retail On & Off line Key Account France
  • Pascal Brasseur, Head of retail business line


3 major takeaways to rememeber :

There are 185 millions of cards in total in France. They are part of the daily life of their card holders. These cards answer several various expectations.  
94% of households that are cards holders, have at least 7 cards in their wallet. 85% own at least one payment card issued by bank or a financial institution.

77% hold at least one card issud by a store.
Less engaging than a payment card, but more and more necessary to get access to discounts or promotions, the loyalty cars issued by stores (with no payment option) are hold by 70% of french households. They represent the majority of cards on the market: 6,5 cards in average per household.
Payment cards issued by stores offer more services and they are more engaging by contract. 29% of french households have they in their wallet.

There are 12 millions of payment cards issued by stores in the wallet of the french people. Their holders appreciate the variety of services offered by these cards, especially the financial services. 



With an enrichment of the services offered by payment cards, the relationship between clients and stores grows stronger. 
Half of the holders of store cards declare that they are more willing to go to the store that issued the card. This is an improving score. This richer offer of services featured in the cards are a true way to improve customer loyalty.

Download the report here (French only) :”Les Français et leur(s) carte(s), une relation qui dure ”

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