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Central Europe attended the conference Commerce Reloaded thanks to live streaming !

On march 21st, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono, the 2 New Tech experts of Echangeur were on stage for the 8th edition of the conference Commerce Reloaded. This event was opened to PF’s Retail & automotive Partners as well as to employees. It was a great opportunity to present a year of market watch on the latest technological trends and the analyzes of the impact on both retail and consumer behaviors.  


This session gathered 200 people in the auditorium at Unicity, more than 50 people remotely in France through visio conference systems and also international viewers thanks to the live streaming broadcasted in English. Indeed, 6 countries across the world watched the live stream of the conference.  In particular, Personal Finance in Central Europe decided in all 5 countries to make a an event in big meeting rooms, where the live video was Broadcasted. So it was available mainly for management of the company and dedicated people from business and marketing. In addition, in all countries they shared the live streaming link with major partners so that they could follow the conference individually. In Hungary, they organized an event in the afternoon in order to meet with partners and to watch the conference together.


Finally in Slovakia they also shared a link with 400 members of the coworking space community – start-ups, fintechs… where the Central Europe region is going to move in May.


Andrea Trebulova, Central Europe Region ATL & Communication Manager , who led the whole project said: “ it was a great value we could share [the conference] with our partners and employees”. She added : it was “comfortable for everybody to receive a link, and to watch the conference from their space – on mobile phone or tablet” because “that’s a fact now, these are new trends in ways of working”.