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74 Meetings One2One between Retailers and Startups at Innovate Service Centric

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For 5 years now, the conference Innovate Service Centric is a great opportunity to take a step back and to share a year long of observations and analyses on services, experiences or innovative points of sale. By taking the consumer point of view, the goal is to identify, and then to analyse the trends that currently build the customer relationship and will build it in the future.

To make things tangible and to accelerate innovation, Echangeur decided this year to open its ecosystem of retailers and startups and by organizing one on one working sessions between them to facilitate collaboration.


Finally, 23 retailers and 21 startups were enrolled for these working sessions. We then set up 74 One on One meetings of 45 minutes ! 

All participants were overall very satisfied with the One on One sessions. The first feedback are also very positive, especially on a business point of view. Echangeur is now very excited to test in store or online, the results of the first collaborations. In 2018, why not selecting the best innovations born from these collaborations, to present them next year at the 6th edition of the conference Innovate Service Centric. Stay Tuned !


Article published on December 14th by

Matthieu JOLLY
Services & Innovation Manager @ Echangeur

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