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At the time of the explosion of the e-commerce, more than ever the future of the trade remains bound to the physical contact point which establishes the store. The actors of Web are completely aware of it as show the recent initiatives of it taken for example by Google with the rumor of opening of its first point of sale in New York, Street of the Trade with the setting-up of its borders “My express shop” in stores Relay or still Amazon with the launch of “Amazon Fresh” in Europe from the comeback 2014. If the chosen formats are different, they illustrate perfectly the desire, even the necessity, to find a way to establish a relation, a direct link with the consumers and it is true to make them live an experience different from Internet. This movement also affects traditionnal retailers becoming places where people spend time.

The show Euroshop, covered by the Techno experts of Echangeur last February, allows to clear the axes of these new “temples” of the consumption. Digital, shop window, short-lived, virtual or 5 stars; whatever is their shape, the customer experience will be in the heart. Stores will so propose different, unique, enriching experiments. The German brand Globetrotter remains this day an exemplary success of store 5 stars; the customer testing before purchase its activities to outdoor: pond for canoes, cold room or rainy wall to test the performance of clothes, … Curiosity, learnings, bare or surprised will thus be the key words of these points of sale. They are also the ones who summarize best one of the 7 aspirations which underline the European consumption: life booster

Axa, Gémo, Helly Hansen, Delta Airlines ou Kenzo with its pop up store digital « No Fish No Nothing“,the examples are not lacking. So, More than half innovative practices launched this last year surf on this trend often by combining it with the pursuit of Speed Organiser (the consumer looks for solutions to simplify his life). Less symbolic than the opening of the agency Virgin Money in London, the renovation of the agency Crédit Agricole Rennes La Monnaie is a good example in France. The bracelet MagicBands of Disney opens the doors of Orlando’s amusement park.

7 aspirations of the European consumers offer keys for reading their expectations and allow to think of the future services of tomorrow. Responsibility to the architects and the designers to design then the adapted points of sale …


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